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Help | iFAQ Widget Center, with engagement triggers, customized for e-commerce and sites

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Help | iFAQ that help to guide customers through transactions

Intuitive add-on to your Product presentation site, cart or help, that seamlessly combines ChatBOT intelligent Faq, Live Chat, call center # or forms.

How leading e-commerce players are using it?

  • Castorama

    The leading D.I.Y. merchant

    Omnichannel Help

    Works as Level 1 automated support by providing automated answers to thousands of questions

  • Home.pl

    The leading hosting & domain provider

    Customer Service Portal

    Provides contextual answers, both in desktop and mobile channels

  • AXA Direct

    The leading insurance service provider

    The on-site Widget

    Supports online transactions and solves repetitive problems

Precise and friendly Customer Service

Replaces traditional, simple key-word search, delivers interactive FAQ.

  • Recognizes moments when customers may have issues, proactively suggests solutions

  • Intent – based Search , leveraging the meaning of customer question, even with errors and typos, in everyday speech

  • Shows responses from a knowledge base of pre- populated articles / facts to 50 – 500 most repetitive questions

  • Automatically patches to a live agent, whenever does not recognize more complex or personal question

  • Provides important reporting on customers` intents, behavior

  • Deployment is super-easy: just add the Java Script code to your web site or e-shop

How to calculate ROI?

  • Cost per incident resolved by automated system is a fraction of the cost of a Call Center manhour cost
  • $3-5 versus $0.5 – $1
  • Widget can save at least 10-20% of shopping cart abandonment intents
  • Help is offered precisely to customers that need assistance or help
  • Flexible Pay-as-you-go or packages that fit your traffic fluctuations
  • Test – drive with 100% free pilot, pay whenever the Widget performs

3 steps to start

  • 1

    Register with 100% free trial, add the JavaScript to your site, customize. Call or chat to our team if you need assistance.

  • 2

    Check how the widget performs on your site, configure Invitations, Triggers, Look, and other features. Add a Live Chat or ticket form, if needed.

  • 3

    Start supporting your customers yet today, help them complete their shopping carts, resolve doubts

Key functionality

Proactive Live Chat

What is this? Proactive sales and customer service tool, to chat with customers
What is in the basic package? Single agent position, unlimited number of chats, page views (with live chat) limit: for Basic Version 10 thousand and Test Version 100 thousand.
Deployment Full implementation done by InteliWISE (individual pricing) or independent configuration using the configuration panel (free)
Natural Language Search (Virtual Agent Search)
Patented Engine of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for queries processing n/d
Understands the context & the issue (due to semantic processing) n/d
English language is standard, plus 20 other languages translated automatically n/d
Knowledge Base (Virtual Advisor Knowledge Base)
Fast, automated responses from a dedicated knowledge base n/d
Contextual auto-complete, customized to search results n/d
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